Meet Faeber Studio (NYC)


Faeber Studio is an NYC based jewelry design studio and I’m so happy to introduce Aliza to you, the creator behind the brand! I was first drawn to Faeber studio when I saw her Instagram page and couldn’t stop scrolling through her unique designs. “Faeber” means to “to make by hand with great care” and each piece is made using upcycled materials. I love the spirit behind this as we all seek to live more sustainable lives, even down to the jewelry that we are wearing. Here’s a little interview with Aliza…

What was the inspiration behind starting Faeber Studio?

I’ve always been a maker, so when it came time to choose a career path design seemed a natural choice.  After working in the industry for a few years I began to notice small technical details falling through the cracks.  The smallest tweak can take something from mild to mind blowing. That attention to detail (or loss there of) was what initially inspired Faeber.  I wanted to create a brand where all of our master models were made in house by hand start to finish.  When process and design work hand in hand you can really innovate. 


What inspires your designs?

Much of my inspiration comes from travel, this latest collection was inspired by a recent trip to Berlin. 

I drew references from the design and architecture along with the city's approach to sustainability.  I was  particularly interested in the city's outlook on sustainable urban design and how they work to integrate existing structures into the design of new buildings. 

This use of pre-exsiitng forms was what initially led me to start designing the sculptural forms around the pre-exsisting/deadstock wood and cork elements you see through our our latest collection. 


Where are you based and what are some of your favorite places for eating, shopping or meeting friends?

We just moved studios and are now located in Ridgewood, Queens, NY.  In our neighborhood I love Trans Am which is a coffee shop and music venue.  

Currently my favorite haunts in Brooklyn are Spoonbill booksellers in Williamsburg and 3 diamond door bar in Bushwick. 

I love Spoonbill because they seem to have every title I never knew I needed across all disciplines.  Their Fiction and design sections are particularly excellent, always finding the best from local and independent publishing houses.  

3 Diamond door is fantastic because it has all the offerings of a dive bar while remaining intimate.  You can get cozy in a booth (but still hear the person next to you), dance a little or find your way to the unreasonably large patio. 

faeber insta.jpg

What does a typical day look like in your life?

On a average day; I wake up make coffee or tea to go and then walk my dog for half a hour.  I get back, get ready, answer some emails and then head to the studio around 9:30.  

Once I’m at the studio I’ll check in on any orders that need to go out and work on anything thats on the top of the to-do list.  Around noon I break and walk around the park with the dog again and eat lunch.  

After lunch we head to the diamond district in Manhattan to check in on production and any orders that are being completed in the ateliers we partner with for production.  

I get back to the studio around 3 and check in on the rest of the tasks for the day.  Around 6:30-7 I’ll pack up and head to meet friends or to a hot yoga class.  



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