Meet Auslöser Magazine (Vienna)


So very excited to introduce Auslöser and the team behind this magazine to you! Auslöser is an indie magazine hailing from Vienna, Austria. The creators behind Auslöser love all things photography but even more so - they have a passion to share the stories and creative processes of the people behind the lenses. Read on for a little bit of their own creative process!

Why did you start your magazine (the inspiration) and what is its purpose?

There are a lot of magazines out there and also a lot of photography magazines. But when you take a closer look they are either very simple and show photos and very short texts only, or they are very complex and about the technology and the latest camera gear. The idea was to create a new photo magazines, but one that focuses on the human behind the camera, the personal side, background stories, working processes and ideas behind the photos. So, really it's about the people and how they work and why they take pictures. And that's very interesting, because everyone has a different opinion and different ways how to do things. And the magazine is also about building a community and creating a new, fresh platform for photographers, one which is non-distracting, very high quality and in-depth. The first issue came out in March and we are now working on the second one, coming in September 2019. So far the feedback is very positive and it's super exciting to see the magazine in other people's hands.


Who is its reader?

Everyone who likes photos and everyone who is interested in art and culture in general. Auslöser is not a magazine you read very quickly. You have to take your time. We feature long-form interviews and photo stories and can only understand the time that went into each project, if you take the time to appreciate it. That's also a reason why we did it in printed form exclusively, there's no online magazine. You see and read differently offline.

Who makes the magazine and how did you come together?

We are a group of five now. I started with the idea (I, Sebastian, am a freelance photographer and designer myself) in Summer 2018 and asked two photographer friends of mine: Niko Havranek and Kay von Aspern. They are both professionals in their field and have different backgrounds and opinions on photography. We three now work together on the selection and editing of the people we interview and how we put them together for each issue. That's a long research process and a lot of fun! I also asked my cousin, Martina Schreiner, who now works on the marketing and sponsoring side of the project and also my sister, Veronika Gansrigler. She does the translations form German to English and English to German and proof reading of all texts. So I think it's a nice team and we are all friends. Depending on how much time everyone has, we work together in different ways. Still the magazine is a small side project for us. But having that collaboration and sharing thoughts is very important. For upcoming issues we might also work with guest writers and editors, which will be again very exciting to bring even more different voices and opinions into the project.

Auslöser  Poster

Auslöser Poster

Do you have advice for anyone wanting to do something similar or who is starting their own creative project?

I guess it's always different, depending where you are or how you like to work. But in general I think it's just about trying out stuff and being confident in your own ideas. If something doesn't quite work out it's no problem. Just trying again and learning from each step. There's always something that stands in your way, even if you think about everything and plan everything as clear as possible, there's always something that creates an obstacle. I also think that nobody knows what they are actually doing and everything is just a huge learning project.

And something a little random, you're based in Vienna which is an amazing city - where do you recommend hanging out in Vienna for food/shopping/with friends at night?

For photo galleries I can recommend Westlicht and Ostlicht, they also have a great camera museum. For museums in general I like the Museumsquartier, a bunch of museums in one place, it's also great for drinks and hanging out. Also nearby: the book shop Walther König, offering a wide selection of art, design and photography books and magazines. For coffee and cake I like Das Möbel and Burggasse 24. A typically Viennese restaurant I like, and not overrun by tourists, is Schilling.

The Auslöser  Tote

The Auslöser Tote

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