Janet Bell: Screenprinting & Inspiration

Algorithmic Anxiety: Issue 4

We all know that girl, she radiates positivity, creativity, health and well-being…she balances being a mother with creative projects, playing music and her own t-shirt line - and we all want to be like her! Enter Janet Bell, Luzern based craft/creativity addict and screen-printer extraordinaireeeeee. I had the privilege of a chat with her one Saturday and it left me uplifted and encouraged…much like her t-shirts do. Read on to get to know Janet Bell and send us your favorite quotes?

Where are you based and what started you on your creative journey?

I live and work in Luzern.

I can't remember NOT being creative, almost all my childhood memories are related to painting, sewing, crafting. Of course I always thought I'de be a famous artist when I grew up!

I then decided to study textile design and am still passionate about it. As Brene Brown says: unused creativity is not benign!


You’ve chosen a lot of great quotes, where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration can be found everywhere, but lately I find inspiration in the books I read, the conversations I have with friends and the news I watch.

The, sometimes difficult, times that we are living in, have inspired me for this particular T- shirt project. The messages on my shirts reflect my personal believes and values.


Do you have a favorite?

Obviously I'm a big fan of quotes. Each of the quotes on my shirts has it's own unique power and has a deep personal meaning for me but if I had to chose on it would be 'courage over comfort', that comes from Brene Browns definition for integrity:

"Integrity is choosing courage over comfort. It's choosing what is right over what is fun, fast and easy. It's choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them."

What is in the future for your brand?

'll keep spreading the word :) More awesome quotes will be printed and new stuff will be added to the collection.


And some fun things:

Favorite stores in your hometown?

The Secondhand
Heilsarme Brockenhaus
Gehrig Drogerie
Prima Natura

Are you reading or listening to anything good lately?

The Book of Joy ( a conversation between the dalai lama and desmond tutu)

Favorite song or band at the moment?

My favorite song (also the first one that I can play by heart on my ukulele) is “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbel

Favorite bar/place to hang out in your town?

I like Houdini for drinks and to meet my friends, Neubad has great vegan food, I swim at Uufschütti all year round and Baselstrasse is great for long weekend nights.

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