Meet WETHEKNOT (Lisbon)

Photo feat. the  Vegan Leather Backpack

Photo feat. the Vegan Leather Backpack


We are against unrestrained consumption and excessive waste so we create simple, timeless pieces that are made to last, using good quality materials and always trying to source local materials.

WETHEKNOT is a studio based in Lisbon which doubles as a slow fashion brand and design studio. Hey That’s Nice is carrying a selection of their vegan leather bags and pencil cases – you HAVE to see the colors. They are perfection. (Shop our selection HERE). As soon as I came across wetheknot, I knew that I needed them in my life :D. This feeling only solidified as I emailed back and forth with Filipe and Sérgio – they are kind, genuine and I really hope that one day we can cross paths in person. I’m happy to have been able to interview them for this blog and I hope that you also enjoy getting to know them a little better.


What was the inspiration behind opening/beginning Wetheknot?

Right after we met, me and Sérgio, felt the urge to start something on our own and free ourselves from 9–to–5 jobs. We have already experienced this reality and it wasn’t for us, so we slowly started tracing our path. Everything we do is based on our personal needs, and it has been like since the beginning.

Can you talk a little about your concept?

It’s always very hard to describe ourselves in a clear way, but we think what most defines our brand is a minimalist and practical approach to objects, whether they’re clothes or pouches. We work mostly on limited edition collections for clothes, and permanent accessories collections that are designed to be timeless and to improve our customers everyday life.


What inspires your creations/new designs?

We feel inspired by all sorts of things around us, but mostly we get inspiration by talking to our friends — they teach us to see things differently, and that makes us better. On the other hand we also get inspired while travelling abroad, it seems when you’re going somewhere new you’re super awake, and ideas pop more fluently. Ideally we’d travel much more than we actually do

You’re based in Lisbon, what are some of your favorite places there for shopping, coffee or eating/meeting with friends?

We’re based in Lisbon, and I guess nowadays pretty much everyone has heard something about this city. This said it’s becoming harder to find a good spots away from tourism. We usually go to the same places with little variations.

For shopping we like to go to Feira da Ladra, a flea market that takes place twice a week all–year round. It has a nice vibe and mixture of people and objects & it’s the right place to spot rare findings and weird stuff.

We like gardens in general, to chill or to have a walk. We often go to Estrela, a medium-sized garden with a lake and big trees. We also love to go to Estufa Fria, a fabulous green house that hosts lots of exotic species of plants, tress, bushes and cactuses.

We can easily by seen in old school places having a beer or playing snooker with friends, at some openings and gigs.