In Store: Luzern based Sama Sama Ginger


Happy Fall! And just in time HTN has partnered with local ginger legends Sama Sama Ginger to offer some of their fresh pressed organic ginger syrup and to join their fundraising project to support flood affected farmers in Kerala, which is home to one of their suppliers. A 2chf donation is made through each bottle sold...come join in the good vibes and gingery drinks!

What can you do with ginger syrup? We all know that ginger has many health benefits but here are some ideas 💡

1. COCKTAILS (Sama Sama recommends the Orange Sama with freshly squeezed oranges and rosemary ;))
2. Add it to warm tea instead of sugar
3. Drizzle over pancakes/waffles
4. On ice cream or pie
6. Simply in bubbly water

What is your favorite way to use ginger syrup?