Nina Yuun and “Who Made My Clothes”


This week we are welcoming the Black and White Leopard Print shirt from Korean-Swiss Designer Nina Yuun’s collection, "Swirl". 

Born in New Jersey (US), Nina grew up in Seoul, South Korea, where she spent most of her life. In 2015 she moved to Switzerland, where she launched her label NINA YUUN in her atelier in Burgdorf BE while pursuing a Master of Arts in Fashion Design at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel. Nina graduated in Fine Arts from the Seoul National University and worked for several years in the Korean fashion industry.

The label NINA YUUN is a contemporary womenswear label which explores a new way of design by seeking alternative forms of expressing femininity in fashion. NINA YUUN designs have a strong focus on experimental patterns conveying messages like “relaxed”, “avant-garde”, “unexpected”, “elegant”, and “casual formality”. To date, NINA YUUN has been presented in Zurich, Paris, Shanghai, San Francisco and Seoul.

In light of the conversation around #FASHIONREVOLUTION and transparency in the clothing system - I wanted to highlight what Nina has shared about her manufacturers in her home country Korea! 


Top Left: Mrs. Lee owns her own small sewing factory in downtown Seoul.  She is not just a very skilled sewer but a lovely and humorous lady dedicated to the smallest details in the manufacturing process of Nina's projects. 

Top Right: Mr. Park and his wife from the MS Sewing factory.  The couple owns a small factory in downtown Seoul and have been working alongside eachother for many years.  They are Nina's trusted partners and have always met the highest of quality standards. 

Bottom Left: Mr. Hong is Nina's trusted pattern cutter and works for the Korean Apparel Association.  She has been working with him and his dedicated team of cutters and sewers since her debut show in September last year. He is one of the best pattern cutters in Korea and renowned for his hand craft!