I hate posting pictures of my self, but figured you’d like to see the face behind the blog and it’s so HUGE, I’m sorry…

How amazing is it that we can buy items that are lovingly and passionately made by a creatives (with a conscious supply chain), that the money we spend can support a small business (and not a huge conglomerate) and that we can feel proud and peaceful for having supported another human being. It’s my mission to showcase brands and concept stores, to tell their stories, to encourage a more intentional buying/spending society and finally, to appreciate artisans and creators who are sharing their amazing creative gifts and passions with the world.

Hey That’s Nice is both a blog and an online concept store that features specially selected brands who share the HTN values. You can browse publications, designers, accessories, clothes and other fun unique items - all who come with incredible passion and energy behind the scenes.
With the blog I want to tell their stories, to introduce you to new projects, people, items and stores. I hope to inspire both creatives on their own projects through the sharing of stories and to be a trusted resource when you are looking for new independent and emerging brands and items.

Stop by and say hi at the physical location in Luzern, email hello@heythatsnice.com with any questions or visit the FAQ page and lets collaborate!