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At HTN (Interview): Common Muse

I’m happy to introduce Jel Ng to you – creator/designer/owner behind Common Muse Jewelry based in Singapore! You can find a curated selection of her amazingness in Hey That’s Nice – I’m super excited to have her!

1. What was the inspiration behind starting/opening Common Muse?

My visual merchandising internship gave me a first-hand experience with luxury brands and made me rethink what luxury really means. I realised that to me, luxury is about evoking a feeling through an authentic experience. The realisation was transformative for me and I started to understand luxury beyond the price tag. Because of that, I started Common Muse with the aim of redefining luxury.

2. What inspires your creations/new designs? 

I curate jewellery with the Common Muse kind of woman in mind. Someone who is all about quiet confidence and understated, effortless style.

3. Favorite spots in Singapore?

– Kilo Lounge for music and the best cocktail – Makgeolli passion
– The Bar at Morton’s for an intimate ambience and delicious steak sandwiches
Dover Street Market for fashion
Shang Antique for antiques
 dover street market singapore
(Dover Street Market, Singapore)

4. What is something you’re looking forward to this year?

I’m really excited about my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia this August. Besides visiting Angkor Wat, I’m also looking forward to spending time relaxing at The Beige and Phum Baitang.




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*all photos via common muse

One response to “At HTN (Interview): Common Muse”

  1. Oh I know a few of these spots! I love her phiilosophy of luxury not being tied to a price point, but a feel (kinda like me too!) Her line has such an elegant feel!

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